ELATION, two screen video installation: 5min 48s and 55s (2010)

ELATION still 01

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This piece is based on the distinctive style of dancing I have observed in raves; the most striking form of expression I have witnessed. In this piece, the lighting is stripped down, the atmosphere, the drugs and the crowd have been removed to focus on dancing as an individual experience of music.

Instruction: ‘Dance as if you were in a nightclub, to loud electronic dance music’
In Bodies, isolated figures react to this prompt, moving across the screen in a variety of styles to a constant beat. In Head, the dancer pauses in the aftermath of the action. Fully rapt in their performances, the movements of their bodies play on a seemingly private moment within a usually shared experience. These dancers express themselves individually yet their routine becomes part of larger narrative rhythm of collective movement. The conceptual approach, the two screens and the constant beat, create the scene for dance as a personal expression of a physical release from isolation.

Video Brasil Panoramas do Sul 2013
M.A Photography London College of Communication 2010

ELATION still 02

ELATION still 03

ELATION still 04

ELATION still 05

ELATION still 05

L.C.C. M.A. Photography Show 2010 installation

L.C.C. M.A. Photography Show 2010 installation

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