chapter 1: Riva Mumma
four screen video installation, 12 min
camera: o.mcgilchrist & tyler johnston
sound: first sun by elemental, remixed by kevon d. walker
thanks to O’Neil Lawrence, Racheal Allen, Shaneka Wallace and Kaytee Davis


This work focuses on the Riva Mumma, or Rivermaid, a Jamaican incarnation of the more universal mermaid figure. By imbuing three women with attributes of this character, the work portrays evocative moments from the various Jamaican tales surrounding her; as a starting point for discussions on current gender and identity constructs in the local and regional arena.
The performative aspect within the work traverses two strands of personal experience, which my alter-ego Whitey embodies with varying degrees of engagement. She questions the shifting spaces in which she belongs: white post-colonial creole identity, and the female body in a post-modern space.

created for
New Roots: 10 Emerging Artists (July 28-September 30, 2013), National Gallery of Jamaica, Kingston, Jamaica

new roots installation 2013, national gallery of jamaica

Riva Mumma videostill 2013

Riva Mumma video still 2013

Riva Mumma video still 2013

new roots installation 2013, national gallery of jamaica{“type”:”block”,”srcIndex”:0,”srcClientId”:”a1c8b24c-c7dc-4a2b-bf1e-ce2ed94556bb”,”srcRootClientId”:”ef4ce50e-9663-49fc-9425-0dd0e14ae9dc”}

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